Essential Oils Guide - Benefits, Properties, Composition & Characterisitcs

Essential Oils Guide

Essential oils are one of the finest gifts of nature. For thousands of years, civilisations from Egypt to India to China has made use of essential oils, extracted in various ways from flowers, seeds, bark, resins and other parts of plants for variety of usages including medical, culinary and perfumery.

We have summarized a lot of articles for your reference to provide you a reference guide for essential oils. We keep updating the guide as and when we add new articles.

Essential Oils Basics

Learn about basics of essential oils. What they are, how they are extracted, their chemistry, factors that affects quality of essential oils and best storage and safety guidelines

Usages of Essential Oils

Learn about common usages of essential oils related to skin care, haircare, stress relief, home improvement among others. In addition find major usages of some of popular essential oils like frankincense, lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, orange and tea tree.

Essential Oils Profiles

Profiles of all major essential oils – Detailing characteristics, compositions, Properties, benefits, usages and safety.

Ajwain Oil - Infographics

Ajwain Oil

Cinnamon Bark Oil Usages and Benefits - Infographics

Cinnamon Bark Oil

Citronella Oil

Citronella Oil

Clove Oil Guide Infographics

Clove Oil

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Guide

Eucalyptus Oil

Frankincense Oil Usages and Benefits - Infographics

Frankincense Oil

Ginger Essential Oil Guide with Infographics

Ginger Oil

Jasmine Oil Guide - Infographics

Jasmine Oil

Lavender Essential Oil Guide - Composition, Characteristics, Properties, Usages

Lavender Oil

Lemon Essential Oil Profile

Lemon Oil

Lemongrass Oil - Infographics

Lemongrass Oil

Palmarosa Oil - Infographics

Palmarosa Oil

Peppermint Oil Guide

Peppermint Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil Guide

Rosemary Oil

Sweet Orange Essential Oil Guide

Sweet Orange Oil

Tea Tree Oil Guide

Tea Tree Oil

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